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Version: 1.0



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Desktop Usage

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Responsive Usage

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Below is basic yada yada showing yida yida. To add responsive functionality to yada, simply add a class of "uif-responsive" to the yida. Make sure you use the correct code language in the Code Block.

$demo = "World";
echo "Hello, " . $demo . "!";


And the custom styles for this table.

.red {
    color: #ffff00;


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Accessibility Considerations

Required Level of Compliance:

In order to meet WCAG 2.0 guidelines, these are some considerations that may apply to this component:

1.3.1 Tables are used for tabular data. Where necessary, data cells are associated with their headers. Data table captions and summaries are used where appropriate.

H73 Use the caption to give an overview of the data table. The caption may be positioned off-screen using CSS to hide it visually. Alternatively, the summary attribute may be used to give a brief description of the table data. However, the summary is not included in the HTML5 spec and isn't well supported.
H63 Use the scope attribute to associate header cells and data cells.
H43 Use IDs and header attributes to associate data cells with header cells. (not recommended)

Behavior without scripting:

Detail how this module should function if JavaScript is turned off or borked.

Accessibility Resources:

W3 HTML Validator
WebAim WAVE 

Keyboard Shortcuts

List any keyboard shortcuts. Since this is a web app, we should probably avoid using these.

Research and Discussion

Includes usability research findings and recommendations, information from the UIM discussion page, links, chapters, articles, etc that supports the design decision.