The Kuali Design Guide is a collection of patterns and variations representing consensus solutions to design problems. The Kuali Design Guide comprises:

  • High Level Design components along with documentation and discussion supporting the rationale leading to the design choice
  • Functional patterns that describe larger task flows and commonly used groups of components
  • A description of Kuali Personas that should be considered when developing new features


The Kuali Design Guide currently consumes and is informed by the Kuali Student User Interaction Model (UIM). Pattern variations and new patterns recommended by the UXI team for use across Kuali applications are documented here.



Reconciling with the existing UIM

The existing User Interaction Model (UIM) is an extensive design guide already created for Kuali Student. We want to leverage the research, discussions, and UX fundamentals already established in the UIM to inform the design decision we make in the Kuali Design Guide. This requires us to catalog and reconcile the components from the KRAD library with the components in the UIM. UXI plans to conduct usability and user evaluations to determine the best approach when there is insufficient information backing a design difference between the UIM and the KRAD Library.



Design Pattern Name

in UIM

ReconciledEvaluatedChange Needed
Required FieldsYesNo  
Global Navigation MenusNo