Survey Questions

  1. What languages do you need to support?
    1. Will you need support for more than one language at the same time?
  2. In the past the focus has started on maintenance documents which are generally automatically generated by the system. However it's expected that support for transactional documents will be required as well. Seeing that the coding of these is initially done in english; what is the expected process for localization? Would there be multiple copies, the original and the local created by some hand or batch process? Would there be some sort of translation done as part of the interface? Other?
  3. What is the scope of an internationalized Rice in your view?
    1. Is this just end user facing items?
    2. Does this include administrative items as well, screens, reports, etc.?
    3. Thinking of developers, should exception messages, code notes, etc. be considered as well?
  4. With your current internationalized system, what tools and scope related to the above do they provide?


Background Information

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