Timeline: Proposed 6 month release (~ 1/15/13-7/15/13) with milestones every 4-5 weeks or so.

Split: ~ 70% new features/30% maintenance

Roadmap Items

  1. KRRM-144: KRAD Equivalency with KNS: 500 hours
  2. KRRM-141: KRAD Phase 3: 1000 hours
  3. KRRM-143: Update delivered Rice Screens to use KRAD: 1000 hours
  4. KRRM-1: Implement JPA: 1000 hours

Roadmap Analysis & Development Hours: 3500
Gap Analysis with KC & KFS on KNS/KRAD: 400 hours
Documentation, Testing, Bug Fixing: 2380 hours (1600 dev hours, 780 QA hours)
Total: 6280 hours

See Rice 2.3 Design and Analysis page for more detailed analysis of Roadmap items.

See working 2.3 Project Schedule for task breakdown and detailed estimates.

Maintenance Items

Total: 2380 Hours

Bigger Maintenance Issues





Parallel Team Model

2 Development Teams, 1 QA Team, & Shared Resources


Claus Niesen (DM)

Samuel Holtzkampf

Steve Manning

Martin Taylor

Shannon Hess

Peter Giles (DM)

Brian Smith

Jeff Ruch

Sona Muthuswamy

Corey Pedersen

Erik Meade (Lead)

Mayank Modi

Viral Chauhan

Jessica Coltrin (PM)

Eric Westfall (LTA)

Jerry Neal (KRAD Architect)

Matt Sargent (BA)

Tom Clark (UX)


Roadmap Work Breakdown 

KNS Equivalency

Claus, Samuel, Steve, Martin, Shannon, Jerry (some), Jonathan (some)

KRAD Phase 3


Rice Conversion

Peter, Jeff, Sona, Corey, Matt W., Jerry (some)


Jerry, Jonathan (some), Aaron