Indicate the necessity for this enhancement. What does it accomplish?
To provide applications with the usefulness and functionality they rely on with KNS while utilizing new features and functionality of KRAD, we'll need to ensure that KRAD is functionally equivalent with the KNS.

Detailed Description

Give a detailed description for the enhancement. Clearly describe all concerns, eliminating ambiguities.
Internally the Rice team has identified gaps in the KRAD code base that need to be resolved to give the a base Rice deployment full equivalence with the KNS. However, we'll need to work with applications currently relying upon, and often times extending, KNS to ensure we compensate for that functionality or provide equivalent, alternative options.

Usage Scenarios

Include at least one usage scenario, from the user's task perspective, that might be helpful in understanding the issue:
KFS and KC were built prior to KRADs existence, as such any attempt to upgrade to KRAD could only be successfully done when KRAD is functionally equivalent to the KNS.

Mocks and Diagrams

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If applicable, list expectations for performance (optimal and worst cases would be fine, give time in seconds):


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Requirements Listing

List all requirements (individual verifiable statements) that indicate whether the work for this item has been complete. If there are requirements that are not essential to the functionality but would be nice to have if time allows, enter those under 'Non-Essential':

  1. item
  2. item
Work Coordination:
  1. Gap Analysis through source
  2. Gap Analysis with Project developers
  3. Development 
  4. Focus Group Review
  5. Conversion Guide
  6. Conversion Scripts
  7. Testing
Conversion Guide and Scripts

Option 1

Developers add notes to confluence page as work is being done
Conversion guide then built from confluence page and likewise for conversion scripts 

TW ensures that once it's moved to the documentation that it's yanked/archived from the wiki

* Assumes we have a non-developer dedicated to keeping up the conversion guide

Option 2

Developers document changes in the conversion guide as work is being done
Conversion scripts then built from conversion guide

High Level Work Plan

Work will progress through each of the major KNS frameworks in a fixed order. The process outlined above will be completed for each of the frameworks. These are items shown in yellow. 

While work on the major frameworks is taking place, work on cross-cutting concerns and general bug fixing will occur.


List any functional or technical work that must be completed before work on this item can begin:

  1. item


List any issues that need to be resolved before work on this item can begin:

  1. item
  2. item
  1. Work with KFS, a yet to be identified DM likely, to determine what gaps exist between existing KRAD functionality and KNS functionality they use or extend
  2. Work with KC, a yet to be identified DM likely, to determine what gaps exist between existing KRAD functionality and KNS functionality they use or extend

QA or Regression Testing Plan

List steps needed to test the basic functionality of this update, enhancement, bug fix

  1. test/steps
  2. test/steps


Functional Analysis Complete? No (completed by SME)

Needs Review by KAI? No (completed by SME)

Technical Analysis Complete? No (completed by DM)

Needs Review by KTI? Yes (completed by DM)

Estimate: ~500 hours (completed by DM)

Technical Design: Link Here (completed by DM)

Jira: (completed by SME)

Final Documentation: Link Here (completed by DM)

Added to QA: No (completed by SME)