User can go backward/forward through their task progression using the standard browser back and forward buttons.

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See also KAI Review - 4-12-2012.

Requirements Listing

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  1. KS Developer quote: “Need an OnLeaveEvent that we can use to tack on some js functions that user has enacted so that it can be captured in the browser’s history and viewed with a backbutton view.”
  2. For pages that have user selections and data entered:  KS Developer quote:  “Preserve facet and pagination choices - solution could be as simple as having a jQuery plugin that stores choices and reapplies those choices":
  3. Not required that view-only forms (lookups, inquiries, etc.) are stored in memory to support this.  Is OK to store just the call to these instances, to be able to re-call them from the server (with fresh/current data).
  4. OK for there to be a finite # of back-tracks that are stored (typical in browser settings). 
  5. If applications will have to do custom work in order to support the back button (rather than just inherit it from KRAD), enable applications to set the # of back-tracks to zero. 
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  1. Note:  This is for a later milestone or Rice release, but the requirements are pulled together now as these have implications for the 2.2 milestone 1 work on performance improvements.


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