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Fix the tab order of date input fields for predictable tabbing of forms.

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The dateInput.tag does not implement the tabindexOverride attribute that is present in the htmlControlAttribute.tag in Rice 1.0.3, so that can't be used for a fix. It looks like the tabIndex is not defined in the dateInput, so it has a value of 0 and is tab-navigated to after all the attributes that have non-zero values (anything that is a htmlControlAttribute).

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In KFS (http://testdrive.kfs.kuali.org/kfs-ptd/portal.do) on the Customer Invoice document in the Reccurence Details section below for example:

TAB from "Total Number of Recurrences" should be to "Recurrence Begin Date" (not Active Indicator)

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  1. update the dateInput tag with the necessary tabIndex value to allow for predictable form generation/tabbing
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  1. the fix mentioned in the related KFS jira was not related to this issue
  1. N/A

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  2. test/steps


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Jira: https://jira.kuali.org/browse/KULRICE-6455 (completed by SME)

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