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Unauthenticated view-only access will become increasingly critical to universities in order to reduce the number of places information is replicated and must be kept in synch.  For example, both prospective and current students need to search for course and program data, while only current students (and advisors, and faculty, and other staff) need to change or manipulate the data, as in updating program information.

Unauthenticated access requirements are forecast to grow, as mobile device usage grows.  Research shows that students and other users are already quite comfortable shifting their information access tasks to these small devices, while they still prefer to do data-entry-intensive tasks with a larger keyboard and display.

The ability to locate information with public search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), and then to get access to it, requires unathenticated view-only access.  A side benefit is this will make it easier for faculty and staff to collaborate (to identify other sources with complementary information) and for departments to reduce and re-use content.

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