KPME 1.5 Leave Management integrated with Time and Attendance

The Leave Management Module will allow for organizations and their employees to accrue, request, report and track the use of benefit time (eg. Vacation, Sick) for exempt and non-exempt faculty and staff. Specifically the system will support the following:

Leave Management Functionality

The Leave Management module must meet the following functionality:

KPME Time and Attendance

KPME Time and Attendance provides a system to record hours worked, hours in pay status, and absent time in an easy-to-use, always accessible, web-based interface. KPME Time and Attendance will handle multiple jobs, pay types, and pay cycles based on the employee's active appointments with the institution. KPME Time and Attendance will calculate special rates of pay such as overtime, shift differential, premium, and holiday pay.

The primary objectives of the timekeeping system are:

KPME Time and Attendance Functionality

The KPME Time and Attendance system provides the following functionality: