Definitions (to provide common understanding, and starting to move toward using this language)

       A customized degree map is a Plan

       A Plan

o          Includes current and future planned, shopping cart, registered and completed coursework

o          Completed coursework includes test, transfer and other coursework

o          In does not include back-up courses or advisor recommended courses (once implemented)

How does a student build their Plan?

       Student searches for and selects a degree map

       Student imports the standard degree map into their Plan

o          Automatically populates planned section with placeholders

o          Student manually resolves the placeholders to individual courses

       Use search from the placeholder details

       Use course/class search

How to I know if my Plan is a good plan?

A good plan allows a student to complete all requirements for graduation in 4-yrs (addition for the future: or by the length of time articulated in an extended map).

       Evaluate my Plan –

o          Compares courses in my Plan to the degree map (audit against the degree map)

o          Which placeholders are resolved and which are not

o          Warnings during planning process (as identified so far)

       Your map does not match your program/plan stack (declare major)

       15 credits per term

       30/60/90/120 credits planned for end of year 1/2/3/4

       Haven’t planned a critical course by the required term

       Taking required course early will not generate a warning

o          Warnings during planning do not include

       Pre-requisite warnings (pre-reqs should be appropriately mapped, this may be revisited in the future)

       Checking on sequencing (should be appropriately mapped)

o          Run AAR+Planner to capture impact of all rules



       How to scale to accommodate multiple maps?

o          If you import from 3 maps, potential for 15+ courses

       Decision: only allow import full map from one map, others will have to be class by class

o          If you resolve placeholder from one map, may need to manually resolve from another, etc.

       Student changes map

o          Imports new map

o          Does evaluate my plan provide the needed information?

       Define how much manual resolution is allowed?

       Is there an issue when students have completed or planned courses that have not entered their Plan by via resolution of degree map placeholders how do those resolve? Require manual resolution?

       Resolution of complicated placement recommendations: Spanish example. I place into the third semester of Spanish. Upon completion of that course I earn credit for the first and second semesters of Spanish.

       How to reflect AAR exceptions in the Plan

       Do we need exceptions to the Plan

       Milestones – how to manage

o          Milestones already in SIS

o          Milestone outside of SIS