Degree map  (4-11-14)


1.        When a student links or associates a standard degree map to their planning account, are they linking to a dynamic map or to a snap shot of the map?   dynamic

2.        If an adviser changes the degree map a week after the student links it, will the student see that change reflected in their account?   Yes, they will. Although, there will be a policy that clearly defines a cut-off date after which changes should not be made. The cut-off date will likely be associated with the orientation period for a given campus. Types of changes that will be allowed after that date: typos, do-not-harm changes (example: adding a new course as an option), changes needed to keep the map aligned with AAR programming)

1.        If so, will the student need to be notified at the time of changes?   No, at least not through the system (see below).

2.        What happens if the student had been 'on map' before, but is now 'off map' because of a change that was made to the SDM? Based on policy outlined above, this should be an irregular occurrence.  We have identified one use case where this might happen: a course that is typically offered at a particular time is cancelled, thereby putting a student/many students off map. There should be steps in place to identify the course and advisors can pro-actively work with students ahead of the registration period (much as they do now). This could be by making adjusted map recommendations to the student(s). Notification loops would be used for this. Policy is being defined that would identify if this was a candidate for the standard map to be updated. If so, there would be communication with all students following that map. Example of when that might happen: the class will never be offered again, department identifies a substitute, depending on the required completion term it may make sense to modify the map.


Is it ok if a student decides to use existing search or quick add tools for editing their plan, as opposed to only adding items from the SDM?   Absolutely. The all-term view is to facilitate the big picture, when students need to plan for items that may be mapped for year 3 but they are ready to take them in year

1. I've assumed in this task flow that   a student could add a course through the search tool, but we would provide them confirmation or feedback on whether their plan is still "on map." They can add through all the previously defined routes. Notifications happen when there course is added and there is a check against the standard map.

o          The UW would like to demonstrate how adviser recommendations show up on the Course Details Page.   We assume that there would need to be similar feedback throughout the application for courses that are in a 'linked' SDM. [maybe a demo would be helpful at this point]


       How will exceptions be handled with Degree Maps?   Do you mean exceptions to the audit? We are working through how that might be handled – that is a later deliverable.

       If a student does something that takes their plan "off map," how is that handled?   No exception process here, we may require them to acknowledge that they are off-map, but that is tbd. The sponsors are debating whether the notice is sufficient.

       Add new course to the course list in   SDM?   Unlikely, more likely that an advisor would recommend a modification, but that may be a school specific policy.

       Create exception for a single student? We are hoping to avoid this. For free cpirse coverage, advisors may make note in AdRx that a student is intentionally off-map.

o          DVP brain blip:   I'm have a hard time understanding how students can effectively track to a standard degree map versus tracking to a customer degree map that they've created (based on their personal exceptions, circumstances) and that an adviser may have approved.   I'd like to discuss . [discussion point]

Advisor notification outline

Advisor will analyze alert:

·                 take action if warranted

o     action could be email (goes to student, saved in AdRx)

o     action could be mass email to a group of students (goes to student, saved in AdRx)

o     action could be creating a customized map that will put the student back on track

§   for advisor, map is adjustable from a view that includes an all-term view rather than the scrolling year view or single-quarter view

§   proposed map is available to student to accept or as reference to work with at a later date)

o     note: multiple versions of maps, from more than one advisor to be accommodated (how to present to student and other advisors?)

·                 if no action is warranted, dismiss alert (so I know I don’t need to follow-up on it again)





SDM: A set of recommended courses and placeholders that identify the basis for determining whether a student's plan is considered "on map" or "off map."   A   SDM will not recreate all the complex logic of a sophisticated degree audit (AAR/DARS), but it will include the following data elements:


o          Specific courses  

o          Course lists with all acceptable courses (several types)

        Minimum credit

        Critical/not critical

        Required term of completion



CDM: A Degree Map, based on a Standard Degree Map, which considers the student's academic record and planner data as well as input from the student and recommendations from advisor.


Adding courses to a plan is synonymous with adding courses to an academic plan.