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Kuali Financial Systems is all about documents - creating them, validating them, routing them. But just as a forest isn't all trees but rather a complex ecology, KFS documents exist within a ecology of business objects, modules, and services. Here, we'll take a look at several important players that support the life cycle of KFS documents. We'll first explore business objects, the persistable pieces of data that documents are made out of. Very important in this is understanding the data dictionary, which provides a set of highly customizable metadata for business objects. Following that, we'll investigate modules, the way KFS ties together major sets of functionality. After that, we'll look at the uses of KFS's parameter system, which lets functional business experts tweak functionality within KFS. Then we delve into the various ways KFS allows us to secure our critical financial data. Finally, we'll dig into the ways users and workgroups gain permissions to create, edit, update, or approve documents and business objects.

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