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In place of creating jobs in jenkins manually, there are three options for building jobs using templates.

Maven Jenkins Plugin (internal)

Kuali has a maven jenkins plugin which can be used to generate a series of jobs from templates.  This includes unit and publish jobs.   

Jenkins Job DSL Plugin (open source project from Netflix)

Jenkins Job DSL Plugin was a project generated by netflix at java posse roundup.  It is a groovy dsl for generating the config.xml used by Jenkins jar.  In addition to the plugin available in Jenkins, Jobs can be generated in a standalone format.  Below is an example for generating a unit test.  

Sample Test Unit Script (test-unit.job.dsl.groovy) 

More details available at:

Jenkins Job Builder (open source project from OpenStack)

Jenkins Job Builder is another job generator which uses python and yaml configuration files to generate jenkins jobs.  It's strengths includes is easy use of macros and reuse amongst jobs.  

More details available at:



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