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The library tool is used to show information about libraries at an university’s campuses.
The tool allows users to view contact and open hours details.
Admin features allows users to edit the contact and open hours

Database relation

The diagram below illustrates the relation the Library tool tables have to each other

Library Hour Periods

An hour period is typical time windows where the library hours will change, example Recess and Semester hours.
KME by default supports 2 hour periods: Recess and Semester.
More periods can be added using database scripts, and by providing localised names for these periods by means of property files.

Library Hour Sets

An hour set is a group of hours within an Period. An hour set contains an hour for every day of the week, and one for public holidays.
You MUST add all 8 hours to an hour set

Library Hour

A library hour contains the open and closing times for a library on a specific day.  A Library hour can also indicate that the library is completely closed on a day.
You MUST add all 8 hours to an hour set

Configuring the tool for your institution

Add Library Periods
If you want to add more periods other than Recess and Semester, you have to provide labels for them in property files (How to?)

Add Library Periods

Add Library Contacts

Each library can have one (or none) contact details. Not all fields are required.

Add Library Periods

Add Library

When adding libraries it is important to note that the "CAMPUS_CODE" column must match a campus in the CampusSpringBeans.xml file, else the library will not be displayed in the application.
Here you can add as many libraries as you like, a campus can also have more than one library - the "ORDR" column will dictate the order in which they are displayed in the application


Add Library

Add hour sets

For each Library you should add one hour set per Library Period.

Add Library

Add Library Hours

You now need to add hours to the hour sets. Each hour set MUST have 8 hours in the set.
Day of the week starts at 1 (Monday) and ends at 8 (Public Holiday)
The records below are examples for the library opening at 7am and closing at 5pm, while being closed on Sundays and public holidays

Add Library

Localising library names

To localise library names, the name has to be set as a localised property name. At the moment it will mean that your institution will have to configure a localised file which contains the names of those libraries

In the future these names will be configurable by running a database script for your institution - in the future localisation will reside in the database.


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