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The Kuali Mobility project provides a multi-part solution for your institutions mobile applications. The intent is to provide a flexible and extensible solution that provides a robust suite of tools and the ability to adapt to even the most exotic use cases an institution might have.

Multi-part Solution

Kuali Mobility is implemented in multiple parts to provide the widest possible platform coverage with the minimum of upkeep. The two main categories within the project are web applications and native applications. By using web applications to deliver content to users independent of platform you are able to centrally manage content updates and feature rollouts without the need to submit applications for review, distribution and download by your users. The native applications provide institutions with the device marketplace presence that users have come to expect while leveraging the web applications for content and reducing the amount of duplicative native development that needs to be done.

Web Applications

The core of the Kuali Mobility framework is a multi-tier web application that is designed for ease of styling and customization.  The application consists of both a thin web client using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and a traditional web client with server assembled content that you can choose between depending on your specific needs.  Both web interfaces are supported by a suite of RESTful web services that expose the application data for either web or native app consumption.

Native Applications

The Mobility project provides native applications for iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.  The native applications are extremely lightweight apps that contain minimal code and branding to reduce the amount of specialized developers you need to implement each solution.  The native applications rely on the web application component to deliver content to the user while providing all of the user friendly features of the app store presence that users expect to have in their mobile experiences.

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