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DRAFT - roadmap not finalized yet


Timeline: Proposed 9 month release (~ 1/15/13-9/15/13) with milestones every 4-5 weeks or so.

Split: 68% new features/32% maintenance

Roadmap Items

1. KRRM-144: KRAD Equivalency with KNS: 500 hours
2. KRRM-141: KRAD Phase 3: 1000 hours
3. KRRM-138: effective dating for KIM: 500 hrs
4. KRRM-32: Mobile Application Support: 1000 hours
4. KRRM-90: Add support in Rice for Document Management System: 500 hours
4. KRRM-139: Offer RESTful Services from Rice: 800 hours (updated, was 200 hours during voting)
4. KRRM-12: Implement Escalation Functionality: 200 hours

** Note: we may be able to get KRRM-1 - Implement JPA (also tied for 4th place) in if the POC work pans out as expected. The current thinking is once the POC work is done for KRAD as part of KRRM-137, it should be a short path to bring that back in. Should it also be on the Roadmap or can we wait to decide until analysis is complete? Perhaps list as a tentative roadmap item?

Roadmap Analysis & Development Hours: 4500
Documentation, Testing, Bug Fixing: 4110 hours (2940 dev hours, 1170 QA hours)
Total: 8610 hours

Maintenance Items

  • Regression Testing (1170 QA hours)
  • Critical Bug Fixing & Small Improvements, Reviewing & Incorporating Contributions (2940 Development Hours)
  • Updating Outdated Documentation (TBD when tech writer is hired)

Total: 4110 Hours

Parallel Team Model

- 3 Development Teams, 1 QA Team, & Shared Resources


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