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Recall From Routing

In some cases a user may need to recall a document they've routed for changes or cancellation. In the past they would need to request the current approver or a super user for the application perform the changes, disapprove, or return the document to them. Now applications have the option to configure documents in a way that will allow the initiator or those in a specific role to recall a document back to their action list for modification or cancelation.

Quick Access Superuser's Tab

Superuser's can now access documents directly from the standard document search and quickly perform approval, acknowledgment, FYI, or disapproval actions from a new tab on the document. This streamlined version of the still available superuser form of document search will allow for common actions to be taken in a more user friendly fashion. Pending actions are displayed in a list that the super user can check off and take the actions necessary all at once (see example below). Before actions can be taken, a annotation must be provided.

KRMS Updates

  • Status Messages
  • Caching
  • Enumerations
  • "Exists" Option
  • Role Delegates for PeopleFlow

Notifications to Apps when principle has a Role removed/inactivated

Documentation (yes really!) Updates

Functional Impacting Bug Fixes

  • Broken Tabbing Order w/Dates
  • Workflow requests to Null principals
  • Requiredness for Document Type Label
  • No labels