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People to Know
Functional Director: Rick Skeel
Principal Product Manager:   Mike Passarella-George

Analysis Team Lead (for Core SMEs):   Steven Barnhart

Your Color's Team Lead (for PDT SMEs)
Other BAs and SMEs with whom you will work closely




Subject Matter Expert (SME) 

As a SME, you bring to Kuali Student a strong understanding of the requirements for your business area. You will work closely with resources both within the project team, through the Product Manager and Analysis team, as well as outside of the project, through institutions. You will especially work closely with the Business Analysts (BAs).

You may also be embedded on a PDT, working closely with the entire development team.

You may also be a part of the Core Analysis team, working closely with other SMEs and BAs.

To understand the distinction between Core and PDT SMEs, checkout the SME vs. SME (Core vs. PDT) page.


Core Teams recently went through an overhaul, shifting to a Centers of Excellence and coaching approach. Will update from Melissa Kay Green and Tom Coppeto once the dust settles!





Core Analysis SummaryWhat is Core A anyway?
Key Documents, Artifacts, and LifecycleThe list of key docs and artifacts used for analysis. Included historical documents. Also has several diagrams to help better understand the context of the various documents as well as the lifecycle of different features.

Analysis Team Home

The analysis team's home on the wiki. This is used by primarily Core SME's. If you are embedded on a PDT, you will most likely work in their wiki space.

Core A Training Folder in Google Docs  
KS ENR Design RepositoryCentral repository for design documentation. Documentation home of pre-release materials.
 Functional Onboarding

6 training modules delivered in late 2011-2012.

You will also be working closely with BAs.
Take the BA tour for more information
on the people you will be working with.

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  1. Need to add this information / clean up (SME vs. SME, how core and pdt roles affect your work)