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University of Washington


MyPlan Data Team Agenda
02:00 – 03:30 PM
SFS.538 Conference Room







Meeting Organizer: Craig Nomaguchi




*Attendees:* Jill Yetman ; Virginia Balsley ; Matthew S. Winslow ; David M. ; Tina Miller ; Christine Noyes






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Project: MyPlan




















Data Team


  • Identify team members, work group, & location
    • Matt Winslow – Acting Associate Registrar (209 Schmitz Hall)
    • Tina Miller – Assistant Registrar (264 Schmitz Hall)
    • Christine Noyes – Graduate School Advisor (G-1 Communications)
    • Virginia Balsley – Sr. Applications System Engineer (UW Tower, O-3, 242)
    • David Sayrs --Director, Academic Policy (141 Mary Gates Hall)
    • Jill Yetman – Project Lead, MyPlan (UW Tower, O-3, 212)
    • Craig Nomaguchi – Business Analyst, MyPlan (UW Tower, O-3, 211)
  • Identify each team member's area of knowledge
    • Matt Winslow – Acting Associate Registrar
    • Tina Miller – Assistant Registrar
    • Christine Noyes – Graduate School Advisor
    • Virginia Balsley – Sr. Applications System Engineer
    • David Sayrs --Director, Academic Policy
    • Jill Yetman – Project Lead, MyPlan
    • Craig Nomaguchi – Business Analyst






Work Sessions


  • Lean Agile training (Oct 10-12) spawned a 2-week iteration cycle
    • All User Stories on the User Story board are worked and completed in a 2-week cycle
      • MyPlan team reports back to the Project sponsors
  • Identify each team member's time commitment for the MyPlan project
    • Reoccurring meetings
    • Information resource (what's in your head)
    • Providing information (pointing to existing documents)
    • Documentation creation
  • Set-up a schedule to reserve time on everyone's calendar
  • Is everyone on Outlook? If not, does Outlook communicate with the other app?
    • Dave Sayrs is on Oracle for UAA (Web Alpine?)






MyPlan Project


  1. Purpose of MyPlan Project

    MyPlan will make it easier for students to chart their academic plan and register for courses they need to graduate. By allowing students to project future courses, save favorites, and pre-populate a registration plan, MyPlan will make it easier for students to navigate the UW's academic offerings. MyPlan will also capture valuable information that can inform the UW's curriculum planning, eventually leading to better availability of high-interest courses and programs. Students are under more pressure than ever to graduate quickly, and need enhanced student-centered features that support their needs. This proposal addresses the first steps need to develop MyPlan: 1) an enhanced degree audit view with links to the time schedule and catalog and 2) a list of bookmarked courses of interest with notification when those courses are offered.
    MyPlan will make finding and registering for the right classes much easier and also offer enhanced planning tools that will allow you to project how future courses will impact time to graduation. MyPlan provides the following benefits to students: Improved degree audit display makes it easier for students to interpret degree audit outcomes and develop an academic plan Smart linkage from degree audit to on-line course catalog allows students to easily access course information to identify courses of interest that meet degree requirements Planning tool allows students to bookmark courses of interest Notifications alert students when courses of interest are offered in the time schedule Future BenefitsInvestment in this first phase of MyPlan will result in a strong foundational base for additional student-centered enhancements that could include the ability for students to: Pre-populate on-line registration with courses they want to register for, access richer information about courses and other learning opportunities, and connect more easily with advisors in academic areas of interest.
    "MyPlan" will enable students to chart a multi-year academic plan, map out courses of interest, explore academic scenarios (such as what happens if they change majors) and assess their progress towards academic requirements.






High Level Work Efforts


  1. Identify the scope of data capture (what information is needed) for each of the following, initially identified in the RPP work session back on Sept 27th (this step is a collaboration of several teams):
    1. Find a Course
    2. Manage My Plan
    3. Audit My Record/Plan
    4. Share with an Advisor
    5. Explore Programs








  1. Identify the data sources for each of the following:
    1. Find a Course
    2. Manage My Plan
    3. Audit My Record/Plan
    4. Share with an Advisor
    5. Explore Programs








  1. Identify the data owners?
    1. What is the protocol?








  1. For the data needed, identify:
    1. Data gaps
    2. Quality issues
    3. Latency of the data
    4. Multiple data sources for same data?
    5. Is there upstream logic/calculations performed prior to data being populated?








  1. Identify methods to capture data not held in tables/databases








  1. Prioritize the data for each phase (initially based on):
    1. Find a Course data requirements








  1. Identify the work efforts involved








  1. Create timeline for the work effort








  1. Mapping the data
    1. Create data models (relational?)
    2. Possible sources:
      1. KS Curriculum Management
      2. KS Enrollment
      3. U.Achieve
      4. KIM - Kuali Identity Management








  1. Immediate Tasks for the Data Team
    1. Help identify where the different types of information lives in UW-land
    2. Help identify where the following information lives:
      1. Course title
      2. Course code (curriculum abbreviation and course number)
      3. Course description
      4. Department offering course
      5. Department url?
      6. Number of credits
      7. Grading option
      8. Time schedule information 
        1. Offered X quarter (e.g. winter 2012 ?)
        2. Day(s) of week
        3. Instructor(s)
        4. Other?
      9. Areas of Knowledge (VLPA, NW, I&S, QSR), English Composition, Writing Credit, Independent Study, courses with prerequisites and any other area / group data we can get without touching u.Achieve.
      10. Instructor Class Description (ICD), if available.








  1. Near future topics:
    * Template for data documentation?
  • Create a template for data mapping
  • Record retention for MyPlan data?
  • Response time to retrieve data?
  • Forecast data growth & storage requirements
  • Ownership of new data maintenance
  • Develop approach on profiling and communicating data quality issues








  1. Other topics?






Action Items





Person Responsible



































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