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HTML5 is coming.  It is considered fundamentally a part of the strategy for device independence.  It is part of the accessibility equation.  It is part of the mobility equation, in an increasingly "mobile-first" end user world (e.g. students).

HTML5 - Main topics for 2.x consideration

This is a working page, under construction, for us to gather relevant info about it and its impact on our longer-term strategy.  We'll improved the organization and summarize, as we cull through and develop content.

Links to Relevant Resources

Topics and Questions:

  • Should we change default doctype to HTML5 now? 
    • pros/cons?
    • Can we learn from the server side adaptions mobile providers use to change the doctype from HTML5 to XHTML MP and CSS MP in order to be accessible to new as well as still be accessible to older (phones).
  • (Much more to come - work in progress! Stay tuned!  Contribute!)
  • (Add things here .... )
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