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Design Discussions / in-progress

See KRAD Collections UI challenges.pdf for discussion at KAI meeting on 9/1/2011.  Review with S.Gibson & B.Smith on 9/13/2011.  With J.Neal on 9/22/2011.

Related JIRAs:

Discussion notes - C.Soderston, J.Neal - 9/22/2011

Reviewed the KRAD Collections UI challenges pdf linked to above.

  • Jerry agreed with the "least change" design directions and also Scott's/Brian's assessment of the technical hurdles (see 9/13 discussion notes below).  He's looking into the upcoming jQuery grid widget as a potential solution to the dataTables obstacles/unknowns.  New widget probably not available in time for 2.0.  (I'll also research dates with the jQuery team.) 

In view of Jerry's temporary move to help with the peopleflow ui work, he will have limited availability to work on the KRAD UI items till November.  We'll work the UI designs in parallel without him if necessary during this time, for fastest phase 2 progression.   

Discussion notes - C.Soderston, S.Gibson, B.Smith - 9/13/2011

Reviewed the KRAD Collections UI challenges pdf linked to above. 

Regarding the "least change" alternative:

  • Visual design differentiation of the "add" area:  Brian thinks it would be relatively easy to add a class to the "Add" construct for tables and stacked layouts to make it possible to add visual/treatment that differentiates it from the current collection's contents.  Expressed that it could include placing the Add button in different location than the delete button in stacked layouts, could include more separation between the add area and the current table or stack's contents, as well as any shading or lasso treatment to the add line/stack.   Scott mentioned there is already a JIRA for adding the space (I later looked for all open JIRAs related to collections, see    Scott reminds that even the "least change" alternative would still require work to do even if relatively easy, so dev would need to size it and decide whether to do for 2.0.  Candace took the to-do to log any additional JIRAs needed, for both the least change and well as the more substantial change alternatives (& I will review/organize the existing open ones and then recommend specific triage actions).
  • Visual design differentiation (different from add area and from current content, until user submits to server (see  Discussion about this being complex to implement.  More technical exploration needed here on the dev side to determine.  Has to do with the jQuery dataTables plugin. 
  • Autosort off:  Some discussion time centered on whether turning off autosort could work.  More technical exploration needed here on the dev side to determine this also, related to the same jQuery dataTables plugin. 

Regarding the "more substantial" alternatives:

Scott asked if the KAI committee voted in support of one or more of these directions.  Candace mentioned that there was support voiced for moving in this direction, for the least change alternatives ASAP, and that we said we would come back to the KAI when we've completed the more substantial change alternative (we reported that more is coming on the save/submit problem), but that we also did not ask for a formal vote.

  • Separating the "Add" area from the current collections content.  Scott mentioned there is already some dev exploration work done around this.
  • Caching entry field contents (assume user entered data but forgot to "Add" it before submitting the page: Discussion centered on how we deal with this today - we don't check for it, so user loses the data and doesn't get an error message before submitting to check for this.  Discussion centered on two possibilities:  1) if/how we could/should have an implicit add of this content, so it gets saved, or 2) how we could include this in field validation so user is alerted when they either move from the table with an un-added row/item, or are warned when trying to save/submit the page that there are unsaved rows and flag the un-added content.  More discussion / conceptual work is needed on this one.  Including adding an empty row first (especially problematic with stacked layouts).

Candace continuing the work on the "more substantial" design alternatives - in collaboration with Jerry/Scott/Brian."In

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