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Impex Tool Installation

  • Copy the to your home directory as
  • Copy your JDBC driver into the location specified by the property, or change the value of that property
  • Configure the import.* properties for your local database (review the list below)
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KULDOC:Include Database 2
KULDOC:Include Database 2

Import the Data

  • Point the torque.schema.dir property at demo-data-set directory from the distribution (which is the default in the sample file)
  • Run the import process
    Code Block
    ant import

    The import process can take some time. (~30 minutes for MySQL - slightly longer on Oracle or on a remote database) It must convert a large amount of XML into SQL appropriate for your database platform. If you plan to use your computer during the process, you may want to set the parent process/thread priority lower than the default.

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KULDOC:Include Footer
KULDOC:Include Footer