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Effective DateThe date for which the Checklist will be effective. This date needs to be on/prior to the date the Checklist to takes effect. When editing, it will determine the date the new values go into effect.
  • Accepts various date format entries displays MM/DD/YYYY
  • Option to select date with Date Selector
  • Required field
Dossier TypeThe Dossier Type which the Checklist is associated with.
  • Option to Lookup and return value from Dossier Type table
  • Validates against the Dossier Type table
  • Required field

Department ID

The candidate's primary promotion/tenure department that the Checklist is specific to
  • Option to Lookup and return value from Department table
  • Validates against the Department table
Organization CodeThe candidate's organization code (school ID) that the Checklist is specific to
  • Option to Lookup and return value from Organization table
DescriptionThe text field used to describe of the Checklist
  • Allow text values
Group KeyInstitution Location Campus attributes KPME-3476
  • Option to Lookup and return values from Group Key table
  • Validates against the Group Key table
  • Required field
ActiveStatus of the Checklist, checked indicates Active, unchecked indicates Inactive. If the Checklist is being eliminated, change effective date to when Checklist will be eliminated and uncheck the active box.
  • Checkbox
  • Default value checked