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Attribute NameValuesDescription
push.stock.messages.sourceproperties, databaseWhere to find the default push notification messages.
push.bootstraptrue, false HostnameThe name of the apple push notification servers. IntegerThe port number on the apple push notification server to connect to. HostnameThe name of the apple server to connect to for push notification feedback info. Integer

The port number on the feedback server to connect to. location of the key file containing the push notification certificate for your organization. This may be either an absolute file system path or a class path relative location. password to the key file. IntegerThe maximum number of connections to allow in the connection pool for outbound iOS push notifications. Default is 10. IntegerThe time, in milliseconds, between running the message eviction process to purge messages that are failing to send from the queue. Default is 60000 ms. IntegerThe minimum time a push message can be idle before it is evicted. Default is 180000 ms. HostnameThe host name of the Google GCM server that will be used to send messages. API key you have registered for the application with Google. unique ID number Google has assigned to your application.
push.blackberry.appIdAnyThe application ID registered with RIM for Blackberry push notifications.
push.blackberry.appPasswordAnyThe password used to authenticate with the Blackberry push system.
push.blackberry.evaltrue, false 
push.blackberry.native.portAny IntegerThe port number to use for push notifications.
push.sendTimerAny IntegerThe number of milliseconds between checks for new push messages to send to devices.
push.device.feedbackTimerAny IntegerThe number of milliseconds between checks with the vendor services for feedback on dead device IDs
push.sender.default.key.lengthAny IntegerThe length of the sender keys used within the push tool to identify different valid push sources.
push.sender.key.sourceproperties, databaseWhere the application will look up and/or store sender key information.