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Overview Completion Dates 

Completed Notable Tasks

  • February 2014 (as of 3/5/2014)
    • Minor changes to support the Fee Management module have been applied as identified for the upcoming presentations.
    • KSA will demonstrate the Fee Management module to the stakeholders on March 10th.
    • KSA will provide an overview demonstration for Kuali Days, South Africa on March 13th.
    • Sigma is in routine contact with Boston College regarding a planned KSA implementation starting about June 2014.  We have drafted a proposal that will allow the KSA team to identify gaps in KSA against the BC requirements as a first step toward implementation services.
  • January 2014 (as of 2/10/2014)
    • The KSA team has wrapped up core phase 1 & phase 2 development for the project.  The team is continuing development and testing efforts for additional scenarios and some out-of-scope for phase 1 & 2 items.
    • The KSA team has met with Boston College individually to identify a potential implementation project and to identify gaps to their existing business processes.  These conversations are on-going.
  • November 2013 (as of 12/10/2013)
    • KSA team presented status of the KSA module to Kuali community from the Boston College campus over the course of two days (Dec 10-11).  This presentation represented the completion of KSA with the exception of the Fee Management module. 
      • A recording of this presentation will be made available to KS following the presentation.
    • KSA team presented two live demonstrations of KSA at the Kuali Days conference.
    • KSA development is complete with the exception of rules processing for the Fee Management module.  All other Fee Management services have been completed.
  • October 2013 (as of 11/11/2013)
    • KSA team presented status of the KSA module to stakeholders over the course of two days (Nov 4 - 5).  This presentation represented the completion of KSA with the exception of the Fee Management module.
    • KSA has worked with KRAD team to resolve performance issue with light-boxes which are heavily used in KSA.  This issue was included in a Rice sprint and appears to be resolved in beta 2.4 release.
      • Sigma to implement Rice 2.4 with scheduled public release after KDs and confirm resolution
    • Sigma will focus on USC model of fee assessment as development milestone for the Fee Management module and tackle the more complex UMD model next.
  • September 2013 (as of 10/7/2013)
    • KSA is now included in the KS CI automated build environment running in the cloud.  
      • Requested some assistance from the KS team to automate the scripts- thanks!
      • Minor code modifications required to sync up, although clean builds were in place quickly.
    • Rice 2.3.1 installed and in use for current development
      • KSA will need to freeze at this release level in order to complete phase 1 & 2 for KD's
      • KRAD roadblocks do still exists but have been documented in JIRA's and in some cases work arounds are in place
    • Performance analysis completed internally against KRAD 2.2 and 2.3
      • Results will be posted to KSA wiki
    • Remaining milestone is the Fee Management module.  Plan to demonstrate at KD's in November.
    • Approximately 10 remaining UI screens to be completed.
    • Completed new end-to-end gap analysis of product against stakeholder requirements
      • Results are good.  Only 3 development gaps were identified and are being implemented.  
  • August 2013 (as of 9/5/2013)