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Autonumbered primary key for the ACTIVITY table.


Date and time of the logged activity.


IP address of the originating system that caused the activity.


Optional MAC address of the system that caused the activity.


The account identifier for the person or system that triggered the activity.


The account against which the activity was logged, if applicable.


The type of entity that was altered, as derived from the code. For example "Currency" etc.


In conjunction with ALTERED_ENTITY, the identifier for the specific entity that was altered/ created.


The specific property that was altered by the change.


Readable explanation of the activity that has occurred. For example "A new credit type was created within the system."


If the value of an attribute is changed during this auditable activity, then the old value is stored here. For example, if a last name is changed from "Blogs" to "Bloggs" then OLD_ATTRIBUTE would be equal to 'Blogs' (and NEW_ATTRIBUTE would be equal to 'Bloggs'


An optional attribute that describes the activity in more detail. For example, if a new debit type, called "Bookstore Charge" was created, then the attribute would be set as "Bookstore Charge".


A classification of the problem, for example EXCEPTION, SECURITY, etc. These types are defined in the KSSA_ACTIVITY_TYPE table. It is envisaged that the basic types of error will be predefined in the software, but their names can be configured, and other types can be added in future revisions.


(Stores the types of activities that exist in the system. While these types can be configured, it is envisioned that the KSA system will come with predefined types that can be customized (by name) but it is not, at this time, envisioned that the administrator would add new types of activities. ) LEVELThe The level is the level of the activity, which is a numerical value, The lower the value, the more transactional the detail, the higher, the more serious the detail. We will adopt the Apache LogLevel names for this purpose. These are emerg, alert, crit, error, warn, notice, info, debug. More information can be found at