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Requirements Listing

List all requirements (individual verifiable statements) that indicate whether the work for this item has been complete. If there are requirements that are not essential to the functionality but would be nice to have if time allows, enter those under 'Non-Essential':

Below is an initial list of items carried over from the 2.2 release or scheduled for 2.3. Eventually, all that are listed below will be converted to (and relisted) as JIRAs linked to the

serverKuali: Jira

  1. Dictionary Validation (validation of XML configuration on startup or by separate program) (Req #12)
  2. Tables - standard semantics encoded (accessibility & readies for smaller devices) (Req #14)
  3. Tabs - standard semantics encoded (accessibility & readies for smaller devices) (Req #15)
  4. Keyboard Support (enter key, other shortcuts, back to top) (Req #16) 
  5. Code cleanup - Compliance to W3C standards (code checker output) (Req #17) - needs more detail/clarification and if it should be part of this or just general maintenance work.
  6. Improved Session Support (restore when session dies, multiple user tab support) - Multi-tasking support capability - so that documents don't "hose" each other when multiple processes from the same user session are invoked.  Support multiple browser tab support. (Req #18)
  7. Applications access data via Services versus via direct database access (Req #22)
  8. Filtered & Faceted search, including Was previously Req #12:  Lookup Support for Faceted Search (Req #31)
  9. Combobox Control (Req #32)
  10. Inline Edit widget (Req #33) 
  11. User Preferences (Req #35)
    1. global
    2. per session
    3. per BO
    4. Filter search results by user
  12. Breadcrumbs revisit and support for breadcrumbs in a lightbox (chain) that aren't view lookups (Req #36)
  13. Unique URLs for pages (in the left nav or tab) (Req #37)
  14. Back-button support for js actions (pushing history of js actions to browsers history) (Req #38)
  15. UI boilerplate elements - make always in view (left nav, buttons, breadcrumbs), while others scroll away or collapse (Req #40)
  16. Undo support (Req #41)
  17. Combine "lookup" and "inquiry" or "maintenance" views on one page, or easily get back and forth between the two (Req #43)