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  1. Populate both a "Delete" and a "Save" button on the new line when added.
  2. Shade the new line yellow until user saves it (use background color #FFFFCC for the shading value on the new items until saved).
  3. Remove the yellow shading from lines that are saved (that are moved off the new line list - an internal architectural construct).
  4. Populate both a "Delete" and a "Save" button on existing lines that are editable. 
  5. Disable the "Save" button on these existing lines, by default.
  6. Change the "Save" button's state (which by default is greyed out on all lines that editable but that have already been saved in the data model) to active on any editable line when a user makes a change in a field in the editable line
  7. Assumption:  KRAD framework can handle the save action at the document level but not at the line level.  KRAD will know the line passes all validations and can assume the line save was successful when it does, but can't know that for sure (the application will have to hook in and manage the save appropriately).  Technical Note: Can we create a flag that the application can populate to let us know the save is successful?


Functional Analysis Complete? No (completed by SME)

Needs Review by KAI? No (completed by SME)

Technical Analysis Complete? No (completed by DM)

Needs Review by KTI? No (completed by DM)

Estimate: 30 hours (completed by DM)

Technical Design: Link Here (completed by DM)

Jira: KULRICE-7393 

Final Documentation: Link Here (completed by DM)

Added to QA: No (completed by SME)