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Environments and Rice Versions

last updated: 2015-05-12

EnvironmentApplicationVersion Notes
env1rice-sampleapp2.5.3build by rice-2.5-build-nightly, currently not really used
env2rice-sampleapp2.6.02.6 AFT
env3  not working - being setup for rice-sampleapp JDK8 AFTs
env4krad-sampleapp2.6.02.6 AFT


env10rice-sampleapp2.1.102.1 development
env12rice-sampleapp2.5.32.5 AFT
env14krad-sampleapp2.5.32.5 AFT

Server environments should be first distributed with a priority given to the current release and current trunk versions followed by legacy releases (dependent on current usage).




Stable ReleaseDistributed setup

Spinning Up new Environments