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Kuali HR

Kuali People Management for the Enterprise (KPME) has been launched as a new project under the Kuali Foundation with three founding partners.  KPME will be an open HR (KHR is an open-source, comprehensive HR/Payroll system System built for Higher Ed, by Higher Ed and its collaborative commercial partners, using the proven Kuali model for multi-institution, community source development with commercial support. 

KPME is launching with Indiana University, Iowa State University and VivanTech as founding partners.  It is being developed using the same investment model that created the successful Kuali Financial System, and additional partners may join for specific components or for all components.   Like KFS, KPME anticipates growing to 8-10 investing institutions.  Partners will have strong influence on the development of KPME, will have decision-making authority through a seat on the KPME Board, and will have the opportunity to develop a knowledge base which reduces implementation costs.  

Along with the Kuali Financial System (KFS), Kuali Coeus for Research Administration, and Kuali Student, the launch of KPME fills in a roadmap for a complete set of freely available, enterprise-scale administrative system solutions for higher education. Kuali components are independent, modular systems and are suitable for integration with other Kuali or non-Kuali systems to provide solutions for colleges and universities of all sizes.

KPME will have several key components including:

  • Payroll and Paycalc engine
  • HR Core Transactions, which leverage Kuali Rice Workflow, including Position Activities, Person Activities, Employee Activities, and Labor Ledger Processing
  • Benefits Administration
  • Position Management
  • Time/Attendance
  • Leave Management
  • Other value-added components

The first KPME module, Time and Attendance, is set for public release in July 2011.  It is part of a complete vision and roadmap for the human resources management needs of colleges and universities.  The roadmap can be found at:  The components will be rolled out modularly over a period of 1-3 years.  The timing will depend upon resources allocated by the higher education for higher education. Composed of both stand-alone and integrated modules, KHR includes Payroll, Time and Attendance, Leave Management, HR Core Transactions, Benefits Administration and Position Management.

KHR is being developed in modules with Time and Attendance and Leave Management and Position Management available in our most current 2.1.1 release. Our focus now turns to electronic core HR transactions and academic focused, value adding modules. This approach will enable implementation of Time and Attendance or Leave Management modules prior to the completion of the rest of KHR.

Like other Kuali projects, KHR involves partners pooling their resources to deliver the final product. The partners guide and oversee the priorities, outcomes, and deliverables. As in other projects, development of the modules will be more efficient with additional resources from partner schools. Additionally, participation in the design and development of each module will build institutional knowledge of KHR and will expedite implementation.

Utilizing the Kuali Rice middleware platform and improvements being made to it through a foundation-wide user experience initiative (UXI), KHR leverages benefits such as: 

  • Improved usability of all Kuali applications
  • Increased accessibility standards that are incorporated into the Kuali development framework
  • Responsive design best practices to support mobile and multiple platforms
  • Consistent and intuitive look and feel across all Kuali applications
  • Process to streamline complex business practices for increased efficiency
  • Integrated user-centered design methodology into the development process

For further information, please contact the Chair of the KPME Project Board, Maury Hope, at mmhope@iastateProgram Director of KHR, Matt Sargent, at


Kuali is a growing community of universities, colleges, businesses, and other organizations that have partnered to build and sustain community source software for higher education, by higher education. The software of Kuali projects is freely available under the Educational Community License to anyone for any use or modification. More information on Kuali is can be found at


The current release is 2.1.1 (September 23, 2014)

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