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titleInstall Intellij

Install the Intellij IDE

  • Download and install the latest "ultimate" version of Intellij for your platform at
  • Open source licenses for Kuali development are available, ask you team leader.
  • Go to your install directory, then open the 'bin' folder and edit idea64.vmoptions. You will want to increase the base memory settings, but the below should be a good starting point.

    Code Block
  • Start Intellij. It will ask you what plugins you want to enable. Selecting the default is fine.


Check out the KHR project from subversion

  • Under "VCS", select "Checkout from Version Control" --> "Subversion"
  • Click the green "+" button and add the kpme repository:
  • After adding the repository, it should be listed in the current window. Expand the repository and select the folder you want to check out (usually trunk or something in branches)
  • Click "Checkout"
  • Select your destination folder (usually something like c:/java/projects/kpme or /java/projects/kpme). You can create folders in this window if they do not exist.
    • Highlight (click) on the folder you want to check out the project to
  • Click "OK"
  • Click "OK" again
  • Select your subversion working copy format.
    • 1.7 or 1.8 should work fine
    • generally it is a good idea to keep this in line with any other subversion client installations you are running (tortoiseSvn, collabnet, etc) to maintain compatibility
  • Click "OK"
  • After the project has downloaded you should see a window similar to this:
    Image Added
  • Click "Yes"
  • Intellij will then open your project, which may take several minutes.
    • During this, Intellij will ask you if you want to schedule several files for addition to subversion.
      • These are Intellij project files for each of the modules
    • Click "No"
  • You may get a window saying "Language level changes will take effect on project reload. Would you like to reload the project "kpme" now?"
    • Click "Yes"
  • Intellij will restart.

A Few common setup tasks

After intellij restarts, you should be presented with a gray (or black) window that looks similar to this:

Image Added

Couple of things to point out for new Intellij Users:

  • Upper left of the workspace (big darker gray area) there is a button for "Project". Clicking this will give a very nice folder view of the project
  • "Changes", bottom, next to TODO, and Terminal is your subversion client
    • Clicking this will present a window at the bottom with local changes, repository changes, and incoming changes tabs
    • To update your project to the latest code base, click Changes, Incoming, Refresh (button that looks like two arrows creating a circle), and then the Update Project button.


Setting up run configurations

Several run configurations should be set up to make life easier.