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  1. Add 'refreshTimer' property to component base. The value will be a time in seconds that the component will automatically be refreshed.
  2. Add support for refreshing multiple components at a time. Add 'alsoRefreshComponents' property that can be configured with a component that has a refresh condition.

Smarter Ajax Returns

     To support things like the dialog box return, or navigating to other views we need to make our Ajax returns 'smarter'. This essentially means when sending back an ajax response, we need to write data that is used by the ajax call to determine how the response should be handled. The handling options needs are:

  • Redirect - Ajax call will perform a browser redirect to a new URL
  • Open in Lightbox - The content being returned should be opened in a lightbox
  • Replace View - Indicates the entire view contents should be replaced

  We might consider having multiple actions that can occur each with a wrapper handler. For example, 'update title' with new title contents, 'update page' with page contents', and even 'show lightbox' with lightbox contents. 


List any functional or technical work that must be completed before work on this item can begin: