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Multiple File Upload

Purpose: Allows a user to upload multiple files to a web form with a single process.

Category: Forms / File Upload

Related jiras: UXI-89 - Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error

Process Phase:

    • UXI JIRA Created (insert link above)
    • Component Specification draft complete
    • UXI code review complete
    • Reconcile with UIM and KRAD existing designs
    • Conduct user testing (if needed)
    • Routed for review with Kuali UX Working Group and UX/KRAD Working Group
    • Reviewed with KAI
    • Rice JIRA Created (in KULRICE Project)
    • KRAD Implementation complete
    • Component released (insert rice release version below)

Version: 1.0


The Batch File Upload component allows users to upload multiple files of various document types to a web form. This component would be used in situations where a user is expected to upload multiple files to a web form. Rather than uploading each file individually, this component will allow the user to select multiple files and upload all with a single action. This feature will be particularly useful to admin data screens, but should have universal appeal to all types of users.

Prototype file viewable on our test pages site.


The license could not be verified: License Certificate has expired!

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  1. From the UX Working Group:

    1. Is there a way to tell if there are details or what the details are without opening up the details?
      1. Could button say “Add Details” if nothing has been added yet?
    2. For KC - if came back to the page later you would still see what has been previously uploaded
    3. If there are already files in the list should the dropzone be at the top rather than bottom of the page?
    4. Date/time stamp for when file was uploaded - shown either upfront or in the details
    5. When new files are added they are added to the bottom - this could be difficult if you have a long list
    6. Multiple views for the same data depending on needs
    7. Should the Upload be automatic to prevent confusion with what’s been uploaded/not?
    8. Transition from Upload button to Details doesn’t make sense considering the relationship of the two - could at least have
    9. stylistic differences so there’s a clearer separation
    10. If some files have required details - what’s the visual indicator?
      1. Right now it’s requiring details for every file
    11. The “Drop Files Here” area takes up a lot of space - could the entire area turn into a drop zone when you hover over? Might
    12. still need a visual indicator that you can do this or some kind of message
    13. Can you slim down requirements? Possibly render previous version of Bootstrap. Make it minimal and then the front end devs
    14. on the project can figure out UI.
    15. Looks cool and there’s a need!
  2. From KAI:

    1. KFS has business rules behind some of their files and the system won't let people upload until the file meets the rules – this may stop upload entirely or just give a warning
      1. This is just the front end – the application would still be able to use same back-end as what's currently available. KRAD will need to look into how the messaging piece of this would work
    2. Can you configure this component for a single upload?
    3. Is this the only place you can see if the file has been uploaded? And then how to see details? 
      1. Possibly display some attributes/details at the top level (file type and complete/incomplete status)
    4. Looks really cool. Seems easy. Video was great.
  3. KFS has something already named "Batch File Upload." Could this be changed to something like "Multiple File Upload?"

  4. Btw images are broken here for some reason

  5. The images are still broken

  6. Per UX Rice KRAD mtg 6.11.14:

    1. Get rid of the option to dismiss confirmation messages (i.e., “don’t show this message again”)

    2. Progress indicator (for individual files) and cancel only works because of the server that’s backing this up. This won’t work with Spring because it dumps everything at once. But can do a progress indicator for the entire upload; however, it may not be an accurate reflection of the % that’s actually been unloaded.
  7. This component that was released in KRAD here has some parts that are not optimal UX and some features were completely missing.  We are reopening this component spec so that we can implement the feature completely.

    We feel that this must be released with the ability to cancel the upload.  The user could be uploading a huge amount of data and they'd have no way of killing the process.  

    We should also implement the progress bar indicator or at the very least, use a spinner to show that the process is still working on the upload.