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The Kuali User Experience Initiative (UXI) wiki space comprises resources for designers and other Kuali team members interested in the UXI and general design guidance.

Kuali Design Guide

The Kuali Design Guide contains guidance and standards for following design best practices when implementing Kuali components and features.  The Kuali Design Guide (URL tbd) will be a live application with documentation pulled from the Kuali Design Guide Documentation and code snippets pulled from the latest KRAD release.

Creating a new component

  1. Follow the process to create a new component to get it into the UXI KRAD Prioritization queue.
  2. Copy this template when creating new UI components for the Kuali projects.  
  3. Place the draft specification into the Kuali Design Guide components draft folder until it is implemented.
  4. A completed component specification will be placed into the Kuali Design Guide after the implementation is completed.


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