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Kuali Design Guide Log

The Design Guide is a living and always changing document. As decisions are made and agreed upon by the UX teams and development teams, we have found that it is necessary to document the decisions and changes in a single place for quick reference.

New Components:


We will be using an icon font set which will be based on the KS set currently being used.

Some additional icons are provided and the class names of the icons will be updated.

July 22, 2014



Changes to existing Components:

Modal dialogs and Lightbox windows

UXI is recommending that we retire the Lightbox plugin (since it's only used now to bring in external website content)

We will just use the Bootstrap modals for all modals, and render external website content via a new browser wndow.

Note: At this point, Lightbox will be deprecated and removed at a future Rice release (targeting 2.7).

July 22, 2014







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