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Kuali Design Guide

The Kuali Design Guide contains guidance and standards for following design best practices when implementing Kuali components and features.  The Kuali Design Guide (URL tbd) will be a live, responsive application with documentation pulled from the Kuali Design Guide Documentation and code snippets pulled from the latest KRAD release.

Component Specifications

Component Specifications are detailed descriptions of individual components as they go through the design and development process. Intended audiences are functional experts, product owners, and development teams.

Kuali Design Guide component vs KRAD component

A Kuali Design Guide component is a base component that has been vetted and user tested for optimal UX and accessibility.  The components in the design guide may be customized or enhanced depending on the project and product.  A Kuali Design Guide component may contain several KRAD components, which are just variations of the base design guide component.  So, if you are looking to build a variation of an existing KRAD component, then check with the UXI team to see if a new Kuali Design Guide component needs to be built or if it can just exist as a variation of an existing one.

Process for adding/modifying components in the Kuali Design Guide

 UXI has established a process for adding and modifying components in the Kuali Design Guide. 

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