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Purpose: Provides guidelines for using the document header.

Category: Header, Navigation

Related jiras: UXI-406 - Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error

Process Phase:

  • UXI JIRA Created (insert link above)
  • Component Specification draft complete
  • UXI code review complete
  • Reconcile with UIM and KRAD existing designs
  • Conduct user testing (if needed)
  • Routed for review with Kuali UX Working Group and UX/KRAD Working Group
  • Reviewed with KAI
  • Rice JIRA Created (in KULRICE Project)
  • KRAD Implementation complete
  • Component released (insert rice release version below)

Version: 1.0



The document header is present on Kuali documents to help the user easily identify the document that they are currently viewing.  When choosing which information to display in the document header, consider only the essential information used to identify a document, or information that a user may need to know quickly when opening a document.

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