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Purpose: Write a concise description of this modules purpose.

Category: Give it a few categories

Related jiras: Paste any related JIRA's here, they'll be converted to links automagically.

Process Phase:

  • UXI JIRA Created (insert link above)
  • Component Specification draft complete (re-assign JIRA to Christie)
  • UXI code review complete
  • Reconcile with UIM and KRAD existing designs
  • Conduct user testing (if needed)
  • Routed for review with Kuali UX Working Group and UX/KRAD Working Group
  • Reviewed with KAI
  • Rice JIRA Created (in KULRICE Project)
  • KRAD Implementation complete
  • Component released (insert rice release version below)

Version: 1.0

Rice Release:



Give a more detailed description of this module.


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