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This page includes links to trainings given as discrete events. The event pages include recordings and any written material from the event. Many of them were public, but some of these events were restricted to Kuali Student Team Members, so you may need a KIS account and permissions to access (send a note to for assistance).



Description / Topics addressed

KRAD State of the Union2014-06-06Jerry Neal's introductory talk for the KS KRAD Workshop. You can also access recorded sessions from the workshop.
Services Seminar: Integrating From the Perspective of an Implementing Institution2014-05-30Norm Wright "brown bag" seminar on Boston College's implementation experience with a Services twist.
KS Services Video from KD132013-11-27Charles Lin and Mezba Mahtab recorded an encore presentation of their Services Overview for a functional crowd
Kuali Student Fall Onboarding - Webinar 12013-09-23Intro, Kuali Foundation Overview, Kuali Student Project Overview
Agile SCRUM Training Workshop (Indiana University) October 20132013-10-15Planned. Agile/Scrum training for new team members
QA Training Fall 20132013-09-11 to ...Introduction to key concepts for QA, including AFTs. Series of 8 trainings. Originally provided for new QA resources from HTC in India.
Services-Analysis Onboarding2013-08-23Looking at a service contract, for a functional audience
UX Summer Onboarding2013-07-29 week of 
IU Func Face-to-Face2013-08-05 
IU Tech Face-to-Face2013-07-29 week of 
Kuali Student Summer Onboarding - Webinar 22013-07-26Development Methodology Overview
Kuali Student Summer Onboarding - Webinar 12013-07-23Kicking off IU, Utah, and UMD onboarding for the summer with a Kuali Foundation overview and a Kuali Student overview presentation
Kuali Student Summer Onboarding2013-07-22 week of"Pre Week" Informaiton
Agile Methodology Discussion2012-11-08Discussion of the shift in methodology to an almost entirely Agile-SCRUM approach.

Functional Onboarding

2012-12-16 to 19


KS-KRAD Workshop

2012-06-19 to 22


Technical Overview


Larry Symms gave a presentation to some of our new technical project members as part of their onboarding and training.

Services Overview


Cathy Dew and Norm Wright gave a presentation to some of our new technical project members as part of their onboarding and training.

Type-State Training

2012-03-06, 2012-03-13

Norm Wright gave two Type State Training sessions, one for developer/technical folks and one for BA/Functional folks.

ENR Training


6 training modules given as an introduction to Kuali Student, CM, and ENR for new project members.

Module 1: Understanding Kuali Student Enrollment


  • KS Project Overview
  • KS Curriculum Management Overview
  • KS Enrollment Overview
  • Service Overview
  • Application Map

Module 2: Understanding the Enrollment Environment


  • People and Permissions
  • Academic Calendar and Terms
  • Registration Environment

Module 3: Understanding Courses and Course Offerings


  • Canonical Course
  • Course Offering
  • Course Registration
  • Course Assessment

Module 4: Understanding Programs and Program Offerings


  • Canonical Program
  • Program Offering
  • Program Enrollment
  • Program Assessment

Module 5: Understanding Cross-Cutting Concepts::
Holds, Exemptions, Academic Record


  • Holds
  • Exemptions
  • Academic Record

Module 6: Understanding Academic Planning


  • Academic Planning
  • UW MyPlan

Kuali Days 2011 Presentations


A collection of the presentations given at Kuali Days 2011 in Indianapolis in Novermber

April 2011 KRAD Training

April 2011

A course presented online (recorded session included) demonstrating KRAD.

February 2011 UI Development Tutorial

February 2011

A course presented online (recorded session included) covering UI development for Curriculum Management 1.1.

UIF Hands-On Tutorial (PDF)

February 2011

A hands-on guide that accompanied the online course.

UIF Tutorial PowerPoint slides

February 2011

The powerpoint presentation that accompanied the online course.

January 2011 Service Development Training

January 2011

A course presented online (recorded session included) covering Services Development for KS.

Service Development Guide

January 2011

A guide written to accompany the January 2011 Training session.

University Current SIS Demos

Spring 2011

Demonstrations of the partner institutions' current SIS functionality. Scroll down the page to "links to recorded demos" to access the mp4s

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