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People to Know

Development Manager:  Sean Phillips

Principal Product Manager: Mike Passarella-George




Team Lead

As a Kuali Student team lead, your role on the project will be to oversee a Parallel Development Team. You will work closely with other team leads, project leadership, and of course with every member of your   PDT , working closely with the entire development team.

Technical Curriculum - A deep dive into learning objectives for technical onboarding.
Functional Curriculum - A deep dive into learning objectives for functional onboarding.




Team Lead Roles and ResponsibilitiesSome of the day-to-day parts of the job
Parallel Delivery Team Home PageThe home for all things PDT on the wiki. You'll be responsible for putting together and maintaining a team home page for your PDT that will be linked to this page. Also includes links to PDT leads meeting notes.

KS Developer Guide

The Kuali Student developer guide detailing a range of technical information and procedures.

KS Architectural Overview

An infographic detailing the standalone deployment system architecture.

Development Team Home

The development team's home on the wiki

You will also be working closely with every role on the project. Review the Functional Home and Technical Home pages for additional information on each of the roles involved on the project.

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  1. Need to create sections on Roles and Responsibilities, especially in regards to the workflow of a sprint.

    Agile Info

    Understanding the Role of Team Lead in Dev Methodology

    • Scrum Master
    • Facilitator

    JIRA management

    Cheryl Medley