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How to Comment, Like, and otherwise Interact around the training materials

Feedback is key to constantly improving the material. We need to know what you like and don't like to make the material better! To that end, every tool we use to deliver trainings has features to join the conversation around the material. Whether it's through liking, "+1"ing, commenting, editing, re-posting, sharing, or otherwise interacting, you can help improve the material!


Make sure you are signed in to Confluence to use these features:


Just like on Facebook, you can "like" pages. Knowing what pages are "liked" by the community can help a new person know where to start to get their questions answered.

  1. To like a page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you should see the following:
    Like button as seen below
  2. Click "Like" to like the page. 


Have more substantial feedback than a "like?" You can comment on pages in Confluence.

  1. To comment on a page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you should see your profile icon and a comment box.
    Comment Box
  2. Click inside the box (or use the keyboard shortcut "m")
  3. A rich text editor will appear much like the standard wiki editor (although some of the functions don't work as well)
    Comment Rich Text
  4. Type your comment and click "Save."
  5. You can actually "mention" someone just as you would on other social media like Facebook/Twitter by typing "@" and the beginning of someone's name. Select their name in the suggestions box and they will automatically be notified of your post.
    mention box


You can also feel free to dive right in and make edits. This is especially useful for minor edits like fixing typos or broken links! One of the handy things about Confluence is that it keeps a copy of the version history for a page, so don't worry about "breaking" a page or "overriding" someone's work. We can always revert back the changes! (smile)

  1. At the top of every page that you have the permission to edit, you'll find an "edit" function available to you
    how to edit
  2. Click "Edit" and make your changes. (or use the keyboard shortcut "e") (For more on how to make edits in Confluence, see edit wiki

Google Plus

We've created a Google Plus Page for Kuali Student Training. We try to post different materials that we've been updating/working on/creating to help to make the material more visible. It's also a great place to have a conversation about the training. Each account includes the option to be a Google Plus member


To "+1" (plus one) an item is similar to a like. It adds your voice to an item and says if it were a popularity contest, it has your vote.

  1. To +1 an item, select the "+1" button.
    item to plus 1
  2. When you've +1'd an item, the button will now be red
  3. If others have already +1'd the post, it will have a running vote count. If others have shared the post, that count will also be there.


Have a more substantial comment than just "+1?" Leave a comment.

  1. On the item you'd like to comment on, click on the "add a comment' box.
    Where to add your comment
  2. A text box will drop down. Add your comment, then click "post comment"
    comment text box
  3. You can use #hashtags and @Names in your comment as well
    hashtags and mentions


Just like other social networks, you can "share" a post that you like to your own space on Google Plus. This might help you collect posts for later, or be a way to share with your team if they also check your Google Plus page.

  1. On the item you'd like to share, click the share button (right facing arrow)
    share button
  2.  Share this post box appears. You can add a comment and choose who to share it with using your circles. When you're satisfied with your post, click the "Share" button.
    share post box 


YouTube isn't just for cat videos and struggling artists. It's also a powerful tool for sharing "how-to" videos and other training material. Kuali Student Training Google Plus also has a Kuali Student Training YouTube channel. There we've collected videos and playlists to help you get started on the project. Similar to other platforms, you have the chance to like, comment, share, and create your own material. You can also subscribe to a channel to get updates everytime they add new material.


On each video you have the chance to like or dislike the video. The thumbs up/down is right below the channel name on the video.

youtube like


Join the conversation

  1. Click inside the "Share your thoughts" textbox
    YouTube Comments
  2. When you're done with your comment, click "Post." You also have the option to share on Google+. Just click the checkbox.
    YouTube submit comment


Click on the "Share" tab to share the video virtually anywhere.

share panel


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