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People to Know

Development Manager:  Sean Phillips
Services Team Lead: Tom Coppeto
Services Team: Services COE
Lead Architect (for Core Devs):  Larry Symms
Your Color's Team Lead (for PDT QA)
Your Color's Dev Lead (for PDT QA) 
Other Devs, Services, Testers, with whom you will work closely




Service Architect

As a member of the Kuali Student QA team, your role on the project will be to help manage the Quality Assurance aspects of the project, including testing, support, and configuration management. You will work closely with your team lead as well as the development manager and senior developers.

You may also be embedded on a PDT, working closely with the entire development team.

Technical Curriculum - A deep dive into learning objectives for your technical onboarding.


Core Teams recently went through an overhaul, shifting to a Centers of Excellence and coaching approach. Will update from Melissa Kay Green and Tom Coppeto once the dust settles!


The Service Architect may be assigned to the Core or a PDT team. Service Team Roles describes the primary focus of the two roles.

Reading List



Services Team HomeThe services team's home on the wiki.
Service Architect "What I Do"A description of life as a service architect
Architecture OverviewWhat is a service and why do we care?
Service Entity DiagramsIE ERDs are the primary design communication tool for Services. This document explains the notations and conventions. You will need to be able to quickly interpret and draw these models.
Classes of ServicesYou may see references to service "classes." The services are organized (mostly) into different categories.
The Underlying Kuali Student Service ModelDescribes the core model of Kuali Student on which most things are built. The services described here are the ones to know cold.
Kuali Student Service Description RepositoryThe repository of all service models and contracts for easy reference.
Service Design PrinciplesPrinciples driving the evolution of the service contracts and the do's and don'ts behind them.

Service Design Process

Overview of the design process of a service.

Type State Training

Everything you wanted to know about Types and States.

Service Presentation Videos

Services Overview from Mezba/Charles 


Services from Tom for Analysis Folks

Type/State Training - Presentation from Kuali Days 2013

Checkout the Services section of the Technical Architecture Overview for additional information.

Services Brown Bag 1 - Impl Inst


You will also be working closely with Developers.
Take the Developer tour for more information
on the people you will be working with.

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