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This website is for schools who are exploring implementation of Curriculum Management. It is a collection of resources maintained by both the Kuali Student project and the KS community members.  Our hope is that it will serve as a "home page" for implementation resources.

We ask that you comment and edit as you find errors and contribute resources where you see a need. 

Search for content within the Implementation Support Site: 

Resources included in this space:

CM 2.0 Troubleshooting

This resource outlines some common issues encountered by implementers and their solutions for CM 2.0. Regularly contributing members of the IUG make every attempt to keep this space updated.  If you need additional assistance, please contact the Implementation User Group (IUG).

Community Code Share Repository - CM

The Community Code Share Repository is a place for institutions to share code with each other, with no intention of a formal contribution.  Anyone wishing to contribute code may do so by creating a code share child page and completing the required sections. 

Data Related Items

These items relate to data - documenting data, loading data, and viewing data. 

Documents, Templates, Configurations, and Workflow

This collection of  User Manuals, Workflow Documentation, and WAR overlays is a helpful place to start your implementation. Many of these items have been used in Kuali Days workshops or otherwise recommended by the KS team. 

Implementation Approaches and Organizational Documents

This page provides an overview of the kinds of tasks associated with implementing CM and the approaches institutions tend to use.  Additionally, this is where institutions can share their charters, organization charts, project plans, and other materials used to organize their work.

Useful Links:

Implementation User Group (IUG)

Have a question?  Want to stay informed about what other institutions are doing with CM?  The Implementation User Group for Kuali Student is a great resource.  The group has an active list serve and meets on a regular basis.   The link above will take you to the IUG wiki page.

Contribution and Support

Interested in making KSCM better by contributing your code to the base product?  Kuali Student Curriculum Management follows the KS Contribution Model.  The link above provides information about making contributions to the Core KSCM product.

Content By Type:

Data Templates

Sample Documents


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