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General Resources Inventory

General Knowledge Home



Brief Description

Collaboration Tools


Setting up Kuali Tools

How to get your accounts in order to begin working on Kuali Student


Kuali Student Tools

Collection of Kuali Student Tools FAQs

Terminology and Alphabet Soup


Foundation Terminology

Foundation Terms


Student Terminology

Student Project Specific Terms

Kuali Foundation Overview


KF Overview PowerPoint

Overview of the Kuali Foundation. This PowerPoint has been compiled from source documents below

 Kuali is...Wiki page overview of the Kuali Foundation


Kuali Foundation Prezi

A quick intro to the Kuali Foundation


Kuali 101 Video (Nov 2011)

Brad Wheeler's presentation at Kuali Days 2011


Kuali Overview Video (Feb 2011)

A helpful introduction to the Kuali Foundation, even if it is slightly out of date


Kuali Website - Members

Who belongs to the Kuali Foundation?


Kuali Foundation Community

Foundation website about the community


Foundation Terminology

Kuali Foundation Terms cheat sheet

Kuali Student Overview

 KS Project Overview PowerPointAs given during Summer 2013 Onboarding
 Kuali Student OverviewWiki page overview of the Kuali Student Project


KS Introduction PowerPoint (download)

KS Intro Presentation from Kuali Days 2012


KS Project Update PowerPoint (download)

KS Update Presentation from Kuali Days 2012


STUDENT:KS Overview PowerPoint (download)

Overview of KS: What is KS, Product Vision, Technical Principles, Development Philosophy. This PowerPoint summarizes content from links below


KS Overview Space on the Wiki

Lots of Wiki pages to guide you through the material


Kuali Student Prezi

A quick intro to Kuali Student


Kuali Student Website

Kuali Student's website


Kuali Student All Hands Session Dec 2011 (download)

Kuali Student Overview powerpoint created for All Hands meeting following KD11


Kuali Student Overview Nov 2011 (download)(view)

Kuali Student Overview powerpoint created for Kuali Days 2011


General Terminology - Kuali Student

Lost in the alphabet soup? Checkout Terminology at the Student Level for a cheat sheet.


Kuali Student Overview October 2011 (video)

Dan McDevitt's overview of the project for the ENR Training Module 1


Kuali Student Modules

Information on the Kuali Website about the Modular nature of KS



Proposed timeline for the various components for Kuali Student that are already in the works.

Technical Architecture


STUDENT: Technical Architecture Overview PowerPoint

Architecture Overview reviews the architectural drivers and technical principles that led to the selection of the current SOA and Rice based architecture. Each layer of the architecture is reviewed.

Methodology and Organization


Project Methodology and Organization Structure PowerPoint (Rajiv TODO)



Enrollment Strategy

A work-in-progress document covering strategy, design specs, scope and estimates, and parallel development team/core team allocation.

User Experience


User Experience Overview PowerPoint (William TODO)



 Services Overview for Analysis Team 2013-08-23Tom Coppeto gave a presentation for the Analysis team about how services work as well as walking through a services contract


Services Overview PowerPoint

Cathy Dew's services overview presentation for ENR Training Module 1


Services Design Methodology Overview (Cathy TODO)




QA Overview (TBD)


Curriculum Management (CM)


Curriculum Management Overview (download)

Curriculum management overview powerpoint from Enrollment Training Module 1.


Curriculum Management Intro (video)

Dan Symonds introduction to curriculum management for ENR Training Module 1


CM Documentation

Documentation for the current Curriculum Management release, CM 1.2


Strategies for implementing KS Curriculum Management (download)

Two organizational approaches to framing a business case and initiating implementation of Curriculum Management.



KS ENR Overview (download)

This presentation provides an overview of the ENR module as well as a demo of work done to date


Enrollment intro (video)

USC's Steve Barnhart overview of the Enrollment Module for ENR Training Module 1.


ENR Training Modules

Carol Bershad and the analysis team put together a series of trainings for helping onboard new members/institutions (such as Toronto)

UW's MyPlan




UW's MyPlan website

UW's development website for news, demos, and other updates regarding their Academic Planning tool currently under development, MyPlan.


UW's MyPlan demo for KS FC 

2012-02-16 Jill Yetman of UW gave a presentation and demo for the KS Functional Council about UW's MyPlan and its current stage of development. This is a youtube playlist of the videos.



STUDENT:Rice Functional Overview PowerPoint





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