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Getting Started

Release Notes - Provides a starting point to understand what's included in the release and a list of known issues. ( PDF)

Functional Overview - Provides an overview of the features of KS ENR Founders' Release 2013. ( PDF)

Feature Matrix - Provides a detailed matrix of features delivered in KS ENR Founders' Release 2013. ( PDF)

How-To-Guides - Guides outlining how to use KS ENR Founders' Release 2013 functionality. ( PDF)

QuickStart Installation Guide - Provides instructions for installing KS ENR Founders' Release 2013 with an embedded version of Kuali Rice. ( PDF)

Implementation and Deployment Guide - Provides instructions for installing KS ENR Founders' Release 2013 with a standalone version of Rice. ( PDF)

Data Mapping - An Excel Spreadsheet that explains how data elements align among KS analysis efforts, the user interface, and the service contracts. The Analysis section explains the business intent of the data element. The User Interface section specifies how the data element appears in the UI. The Services section indicates how the data element is represented in the service contract message structures.

Technical Documentation

Technical Guides - Provide a starting point for understanding the technical details of KS Enrollment features. ( PDF

Services Documentation - Provides details about the Kuali Student Service Contracts and Message Structures used for Enrollment.  ( PDF)

Database Documentation - ERD Diagrams illustrating ENR database tables and their relationships.

Kuali Student Developer Guide - Provides information about setting up and using the development environment for Kuali Student.

Application Site Map - Provides a list of application pages and their relationships, along with details about pages. 

Getting Involved

Kuali Student Support and Maintenance Guide - Provides resources to help with issues and get involved in the Kuali Community.


 Performance Test Strategy - Provides information about how to load test KS Enrollment.


Licensing - Provides details about Licensing and Acknowledgments for third party software providers.

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