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About the Curriculum Management module

The Curriculum Management module facilitates the creation and management of Learning Units(LU), any learning-related activity that needs to be tracked by the institution or the learner. The Kuali Student Curriculum Management module is the first publically released functionality. This module provides course and program management functionality including the proposal, approval and management of courses and programs. Learn more about the Kuali Student Curriculum Management release here.

What is this module?

Curriculum Management provides the ability to propose, create, modify, and retire learning experiences that are part of an institution's sanctioned curriculum.

What features does it have?
  • Courses and Program
  • Robust proposal process
  • Administrative CRUD screens
  • Analysis of dependencies across the curriculum
What is its status?


Version 1.1
March 2011

Version 1.2
November 2011

Version 2.0
January 2013

Version 2.0.1 - Community Patch Release
June 2013

Find out More

How It Works

CM Diagram


See our website for current implementation information

Ongoing Support and enhancements


Questions addressed to the Project and Community


Defects can be logged through the support and maintenance process documented here.


Enhancements are managed via the KS Contribution Model

Watch a Video

Watch a video about Curriculum Management.

Watch a Demo

Watch a quick demo of Curriculum Management as it is implemented at University of California, Berkeley.


Watch a longer demo of Curriculum Management




CM Activities to TryTry your hand at a variety of CM activities

STUDENT:Curriculum Management Overview (download)

Curriculum management overview powerpoint from Enrollment Training Module 1.

Strategies for implementing KS Curriculum Management (download)

Two organizational approaches to framing a business case and initiating implementation of Curriculum Management.


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