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These instructions are designed to quickly get you up and running with KFS. They are not designed for deploying the application to a server environment.

To implement KFS, a developer should have a good working knowledge of the following:

  • Java Programming
  • Java Servlets and Configuration
  • Tomcat
  • Ant
  • JDBC and Databases


  1. Get the Distribution
  2. Get Required Tools
  3. Set Up Your Work Area
    • Create /java/drivers and /opt directories
    • Install JDK 1.5
      • Run the installer. Install to a directory without spaces in the name. (i.e., not C:\Program Files\...)
      • Add/edit the JAVA_HOME system variable to point to the base JDK install directory
      • Make sure java's bin directory is on your path
    • Install Tomcat and Ant
    • Copy junit-3.8.1.jar from the financial-system/test/lib directory to your ant/lib directory.
    • Add your ant/bin directory to the path
  4. Set Up Your Database

    Keep track of the database options you use with the impex tool, as you will need them in the instructions below.

  5. Configure KFS

    Also see the build process page.

    • Copy from financial-system/build/external/user into your home directory
    • Customize the directory locations and database connect information in (see the configuration properties page)
  6. Build KFS
    • Without Eclipse:
      • Add the following line to your file:
      • ant dist-local
      • ant make-source
    • With Eclipse:
      • Setup Eclipse and import the project
      • Allow the project to compile within Eclipse
      • Run ant dist-local
      • Refresh the project from within Eclipse
        • This will copy files created in the source directory to work/web-root/WEB-INF/classes
  7. Run KFS (start Tomcat)
    • You will want to increase tomcat's memory settings similar to ant: set CATALINA_OPTS=-Xms256m -Xmx1g -XX:MaxPermSize=256m
  8. Test the KFS Web Application
  9. Run the KFS Unit Tests (optional)
    • ant test-local
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