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A tool to provide access to campus bus schedules and routes.  The tool provides a map view that displays routes with individual stop and bus locations on them.  Additionally the tool will use device geolocation features to search for stops near the user.


  • Google Maps API support.
  • Bus route listing with navigation to stops on that route.
  • Stop detail views with time to arrival information for scheduled buses.
  • Ability to flag individual stops as favorites.
  • Main tool page navigation to favorite stops.
  • Map display of routes, stops and bus locations on a per route basis.
  • Support for both Imperial and SI units of distance.
  • Intelligent switching between units (i.e. switching to meters from kilometers as distances shrink)
  • Configurable page use allowing for a custom tool experience.

Planned Features

  • Support for the Mapquest API.

Tool Configuration

Attribute NameValuesDescription
bus.favorites.enabledtrue, falseIndicates if favorite stops page is enabled and a tab for it displayed. Setting this to false will hide the favorite stop toggle on the stop detail page as well., falseIndicates if the map page is enabled to display bus routes, stops and bus locations. Setting this to false will limit the application to text only schedule display but may be preferred if real time data is unavailable for buses.
bus.nearbystops.enabledtrue, falseIndicates if the nearby stops page is enabled and a tab for it displayed. The nearby stops page displays stops ordered by their proximity to the user.
bus.routes.enabledtrue, falseIndicates if the route list page is enabled and a tab for it displayed. The route list page is the primary means of viewing bus routes and schedules if the map is disabled.
bus.tabordermap,nearby stops,favorites,routesComma separated list of tab/page names that indicates the order they will appear in on the device. The default is "map,nearbystops,favorites,routes"
bus.distance.unitsimperial, siIndicates which unit of measure should be used when displaying data. All calculations are done using SI units, specifically kilometers.
bus.favorite.color.disabledAnyThe standard web color name desired for the disabled favorites icon. Default is "white".
bus.favorite.color.enabledAnyThe standard web color name desired for the enabled favorites icon. The default is "yellow".
bus.stop.refreshAny IntegerThe number of seconds between checks for new bus location data. The default is 10.
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