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A tool to provide access for students to course listings, class schedules and final grades.  The tool provides opt-in registration so that students can receive push notifications on their devices when final grades are posted for classes.


  • Schedule of Classes
    • Course catalog for open terms
    • Support for multiple open terms at once
    • Keyword search for classes within the currently selected term
  • My Class Schedule
    • Display of a student's schedule for currently open terms
    • Support for multiple open terms at once
    • Support for displaying schedules for separated by major for students pursuing multiple disciplines
    • Display of final grades on class schedule
  • Advanced Class Search form with multiple fields to search by term, major, subject, instructor, keyword, and course level.
  • Grade Alerts
    • Opt-in form to allow authenticated users to register for notification of their grades being posted.
    • Notification of success or failure of user registration.
    • Ability to request a test notification to verify that the device is properly registered with the application.

Demo Screenshots


Attribute NameValuesDescription
academics.browseclasses.enabledtrue, falseFlag to enable the use of the Schedule of Classes component
academics.myschedule.enabledtrue, falseFlag to enable the use of the My Class Schedule component
academics.advancedsearch.enabledtrue, falseFlag to enable the advanced search component
academics.gradealerts.enabledtrue, falseFlag to enable the use of the Grade Alerts component
academics.homescreenorderbrowseclasses, myschedule, advancedsearch, gradealertsA comma separated list indicating the order the tools should appear in on the academics home screen. The default order is browseclasses, myschedule, advancedsearch, gradealerts.
academics.keywordsearch.enabledtrue, falseFlag to enable the keyword search form field within the Schedule of Classes component
academics.grade.alert.batch.sizeAny IntegerNumber of grade alerts to process at one time. Default is 5
academics.meetingDisplayLimitAny IntegerThe maximum number of meeting times to display for each individual section of a class on the class section list page. All meetings will always be displayed on the class section detail page. The default is 2.
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