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Kuali Technology Road Map Committee

October 13th, 2010 at 4pm ET 

Date:  Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Time:  4:00 PM EST

Audio Bridge:  1-219-509-8111

Access Code:  634316


  1. Review and Approve Sept. 15th Meeting Minutes -
  2. Project Resource Updates - Bill, Jessica
  3. Version Compatibility Working Group Status Update - ??
  4. Rice Program Status Updates - Jessica
  5. KTI Working Group Status Update - ??
  6. New Business - All
    1. Rice 1.1 Plans & Estimates - Jerry (KRAD)
    2. Servlet Specs 2.4, 2.5, - ??
    3. Maven 3.0 - ??
    4. JQuery - JQuery with KRAD,
    5. Kuali Days ARC/TRC F2F






Bill Yock



Jonathan Keller



Dan Lemus


KC Rep

Terry Durkin

KC Rep

Sabari Nair

KS Rep

Scott Gibson


KS Rep

Leo Fernig

Rice Lead Arch

Eric Westfall

Rice Rep

Garey Taylor


Rice Rep

Jeremy Hanson


Rice Rep

Jerry Neal



Jim Thomas


Graham Hall



Dan McDevitt


Rajiv Kaushik

Kuali - Cfg

Farooq Sadiq

Kuali - Liason

Zachary Naiman

KC Rep

Geoff Mcgregor

UC Davis Rep

Curtis Bray


UW Rep

James Renfro


Arizona Rep

James Cramton


Cornell Rep

Aaron Hamid



Martin Taylor

Kuali-QA Dir. Interim Rice PM

Jessica Coltrin



Dan Siebert


Iowa State

Dave Wessels



Brad Skiles


OLE Director

Robert McDonald


Meeting Minutes

Barb Black


Meeting Notes


1 - Approval of Minutes - No comments, minutes approved.


2. Resources Update :  Jessica - Have hired new configuration manager Sam Wilson who is starting next week.  Close to final interviews for 2 developer positions and PM.  Hope to make offers / start Nov / Dec.  Plan to start interview process for business analyst position in next week or so. 



3. Version Compatibility Working Group Status Update -  Eric mentioned via email that TRC will soon have lots to review in this area.  Hopefully for next meeting.


4. KTI Working Group Status Update - No KTI members on the call, no update given



5. Program Status Update - Jessica reported that code freeze for 1.0.3 happened around time of F2F, working on issues, still on track for Oct. 29th release.  Initial estimates for 1.1 were developed and current timeline indicates end of July 2011.  It will include 4 main areas version compatibility, modularity, workflow business / rules, and KRAD.  Bill mentioned that initial estimates were presented at ARC last week and no major issues were raised  regarding timeline.  Bill asked Jessica if bundling version compatibility and modularity as scope of 1.1 and then follow on with subsequent releases for workflow . rules and KRAD had been considered.  Wondered if it would be beneficial to dedicate whole team to that first and then concentrate on the other.  Jessica indicated it had not been discussed and that resource assignments had been made in partnership already with KS on KRAD. 



5. New Business - 



(a) KRAD and jQuery Discussion - Jerry - Currently working out requirements and scope of KRAD.  Developing a proof of concept for Admin screens for KS.  Scott indicated that they are targeting inclusion of the admin screens into the KS release in November, goig into build at the end of this week.  Jerry and Scott have created Jira repository (links above in agenda).  Plan on presenting proof of concepts of KRAD at Kuali Days. 

They have been exploring jQuery as an option for Rich UI support.  So far have found no major objections and feel it has several benefits.  They indicate it is easy to bring into the KNS framework and is non impacting on the existing projects.  Adopting GWT would be more impactful since is would need to replace struts and jsp.  jQuery can be brought in and still keep existing struts and jsp in place.  Could also set a property to override and use something else if desired.  It is a javascript library for things like lightboxes.  KC team is using jQuery already for certain things.  One con is that it requires skills in javascript programming as opposed to something like GWT that you program in java and it creates javascript for you.  Fluid project uses jQuery and has accessibility widgets available.  KFS project is doing very little dynamically in the browser and use DWR (Direct Web Remoting) for some things when necessary.  JQuery has some support for AJAX.  How would you handle AJAXZ calls coming back from JQuery?  Could handle similar to how KFS is using DWR.  Could possibly use RESTful approach with data dictionary lookups with JSON or XML. 

It was recommended that a TRC workgroup be formed to with representatives across projects to continue to refine the UI architecture and approach.  Might want to bring in UI experts to help with this architecture. 








Action Item: 


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Next Meeting and Proposed Work

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